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September & October

Vibrant Colors



Stunning Beauty

You asked for more....

Take a stroll through the gorgeous Sunflower Meadow and find all the hidden photo spots we've created for you to capture your memories with family and friends.

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An Experience to Remember
Fall Festival

2022 Sunflower Days

Approximate Bloom Time September 18 to October 12th
We will announce the exact dates.

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for updates.

We are anticipating peak bloom time to be between September 20th to October 12th.  As the weather in Wisconsin is very unpredictable and we are at the mercy of Mother Nature if may be earlier or later.  Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep posted on peak bloom time.   

Sunflowers 1 for $1.00
Sunflowers 6 for $5.00
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  • Please do not pick or cut the Sunflowers .  We want everyone to have an opportunity to enjoy the Sunflowers and take gorgeous photos. 

  • Pre-picked sunflowers are available for purchase.  You may purchase as many sunflowers as you like.  Sunflowers are sold on a first come first serve basis, subject to availability. 

  • We suggest you bring a bucket with water (leave in your car) to put your sunflowers in when you travel home to ensure their freshness. 

For Admission and Fall Festival details click below.

Walk through the Sunflower Meadow and find our fun hidden photo spots.  
Take amazing Photos
Create Forever Memories

Busy Barns Adventure Farm invites you to enjoy a stroll through our stunning sunflower and pumpkin fields.  Capture breathtaking photos as you enjoy a relaxing day in the country and take in the beauty of the sunflowers,  pumpkins and farm.

We ask that you please follow the below rules while visiting the farm.

  • Please park only in the designated parking area.

  • Please enter the farm at our Admissions Building.

  • Please be respectful of the sunflowers, pumpkins, pasture and our farm on you visit. 

  • We ask that you jump on a hayride wagon to go out to the Sunflower Field & Pumpkin Patch.

  • Camera's are allowed in the Sunflower & Pumpkin Field but all other props are not allowed.  No stools or ladders.

  • We reserve the right to ask anyone horse playing or damaging the sunflowers/pumpkins  or our property to leave.

  • All policies and rules may change by Busy Barns Farm at anytime.


We welcome both professional and amateur photographers.  Busy Barns Adventure Farm offers breathtaking views of our sunflower and pumpkin fields.  Weather you are taking photos for engagements, weddings, family photo's, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, senior pictures etc. the farms offers numerous beautiful and scenic spots to capture those treasured moments.

We do require a site fee for professional photographers or those charging a fee for their services.

  • All site fees are non refundable.

  • Site fees may be paid by cash or charge.

  • You the photographer are responsible to pay the site fee for your clients.

  • Site times and fees must be pre-arranged and paid in advance.  (See scheduling form below.)

  • Photo shots are during normal business hours only, unless you have scheduled a private time with us.

  • Photographers and all thier clients are required to pay our daily admission fee upon entrance to the farm and sunflower/pumpkin fields.

  • Photographers are allowed to bring in their camera's, lenses and camera bag only.

  • We do not allow any ladders or stools in the sunflower/pumpkin fields for the safety of our guests.

  • We do not allow any light stands or other large equipment, etc in the sunflower/pumpkin fields.

  • Please do not obstruct, block or close off any of the pathways in the sunflower/pumpkin fields for the safety of our guests.  Please respect others who are also enjoying the beauty of the sunflower/pumpkin fields.

  • All photographers who do not follow the above rules will be asked to leave the farm immediately.

Girl Taking a Photo

Photographers Site Fees

1/2 Hour  -  $25         1 Hour  -  $50           All Day  -  $150

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